Pin Grading

Pins are handmade items. This means that each one is different, and so is everyone's criteria for what makes an A-Grade (Standard) different from a B-Grade (Seconds). Below are just some of the issues that I've run across or seen on other pins.

If I find any other problems, I'll add them to the relevant grading list as pins are made.

A-Grade (Standard)

These pins are free from major defects but may have some minor flaws. Some of these may include:

In general, there are no visible problems with these pins, especially when looked at from afar. They make great gifts and display pieces for pin collectors.

B-Grade (Seconds)

These pins have more visible flaws, some more noticeable than others. Depending on backing card stock, they may also not come with backing cards. Some of these flaws include:

Flaws on each pin differ slightly and shouldn't be too noticeable when viewed from more than an arm's length away. Please note that when these pins are shipped, they are chosen at random so you may get pins with some of the listed flaws but not others.


There are major flaws with these pins. These pins are not sold on my online store, but I may sell them (if I deem them salvageable) at conventions for half the price of B-Grade pins. Some of these flaws include:

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