Calico's Super Secret Store

Welcome to my super secret store, where I peddle my wares to those who want them! This is where most of my fan merch will live, lest I get yeeted off the internet because of store strikes. Below are images and short descriptions of each of the merch, as well as direct purchase links for non-EU/UK people and Etsy custom order request links for EU/UK folks!If you would like to purchase multiple items from me, please make sure to go through my "Request on Etsy" button and ask for all the items you'd like :)

What's in Stock

Orders are shipped twice a month: the closest weekends to the 15th and the 30th of every month.

Paolumu Sticker Sheet

$5 per sticker sheet

Ships untracked as letter mail

  • 3" x 3" kiss-cut vinyl sticker sheet

  • Features paolumu eggs, baby lumus and big lumus!

Paolumu Risoprint Poster

$30 per poster

Ships tracked via ChitChats

  • 11" x 17" riso print

  • Printed on a cream-coloured paper with soy-based ink

  • Features vanilla paolumu and nightshade variant

MonHun Stamps

[prices and photo TBA]

Ships separately from other items and tracked via ChitChats

  • Pre-inked stamps with oil-based ink; stands roughly 8cm tall

  • Stamp image is roughly 32mm in diameter

  • Available with and without text